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KBE Consulting and Application Development .

 Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE),

3D-CAD Design automation, Variant generation


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* Automated CAD Models are very fast in it´s creation and are error free ,

* For variant generation only input data (numbers / parameters) are necessary

* The CAD experts are freed from repetetive work and are free to undertake other useful and creative work

* Using KBE methods it is possible to react effectively to the challenges, in particular to that of  cost pressures.

German Association of Engineers ( VDI ) Technical Committee News

Whether beginner or advanced in automation, we collaborate with your experts and do projects that could also be difficult, for a fair price and with warranty!


Tube in Shell Steam Generator using Hot Gas as Heat Source

After Input Data as for example geometrical Dimensions, Input Heat, desired Efficiency etc. the optimal values for all necessary results are calculated .

These include all Parameters for the CAD Model variant .

All Model components are adjusted to a desired Norm as  DIN/ASME or other.

3D-Model, 2D-Drawings,  BOM , Costs and other Documents will be generated.

The new components will be intergrated in the PLM-System  as well

These result, with a minimal effort,  flawlessly finished product documents that can be used in sales demos  or as Engineering or Woekshop Drawings.

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