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 Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE),

3D-CAD Design automation, Variant generation


  The virtual Combustion Chamber (VCC)

An excellent example of how to benefit enormously with knowledge-based Engineering (KBE) driven CAD ¥¥automation.

By the way the combustion chamber is described without details of construction and it is representative of such objects for a company engaged in large scale  steam generation...


* One (virtual) combustion chamber design to replace all future combustion chamber designs. It is  generated once enterprise specific.

* The walls and the objects such as bended tube objects forming various openings, are separately available in variable form and can be assembled to form a desired real combustion chamber,

* Individual tube tracking for the complete chamber is so possible as each each  object in the assembly is tube tracked already at automation.CAD as in normal use cannot do this.Software procedures tube track tubes from bottom to top. So can detailed and exact calculations be made as never before!

* The possibility to repeat different tests quickly enables  “Concurrent Engineering”, where different departments can test and re-test objects simultaneously with other objects from other departments and as a whole. Testing components sequentially, that is each department waiting for the results of the other,  is very time cosuming and does not lead to true optimisation.

* The calculated parameters are exact and can used to create automatically 3D CAD models, 2D and workshop drawings. This By-Product will save several Man-Months.of work.

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The virtual Combustion Chamber (VCC) with individual tube tracking.


A few statistics:

* Manual CAD design of Combuschamber walls, Hopper, Openings for firing equipment,Openings for fluegas re-circulation, Manholes etc. requires man-months or rather man-years. work. Variant generations when automated Man-hours or Man-days

* Single tube tracked topology which is necessary for the accurate simulations is not part of the manual design construction. In this case the common practice is to read manually the topology data from CAD drawings which demands months of work. On the other hand, individual tube tracked data is a part of the virtual combustion chamber results and requires no further work. It is then possible with any Variant to start a simulation with no loss of time.

* When automated the preparation and simulation (of the water/steam quality in each part of each tube) in a variant combustion chamber requires only a few hours depending on the available computing speed. Doing several calculations to find the optimal chamberis then not an “impossibility”. Without automaton a real optimisation is not possible.

An optimal combustion chamber has a higher efficiency and reduces the amount of burnt coal contributing to the green effect.

* After optimisation the generated values/parameters can be used to create the 3D-CAD models for the Combustion chamber and it´s other parts. This is a by-product saving several man-months of work.

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