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Karl Obermann, Editorial CAD.de  (A free translation from German)

Earn quickly a lot of money?                    

Who would not? Unfortunately, such offers are often not serious.                    

This is not true of rule-based design using configurators.  With this technology, much money can be quickly earned or saved as the case may be.       

If it is possible using Configurators to be ten, twenty or forty times faster than through conventional designing methods then this should make all think. These factors are not “driven from  thin air”, but can be demonstrated through individual projects most of which we have already published in the newsletter

Why then do mechanical engineers, Power Plant constructors and the like not use  this Technology?

Karl Obermann

Karl Obermann, Redaktion  CAD.de (The German original) 

Schnell viel Geld verdienen?

Wer möchte das nicht? Leider sind entsprechende Angebote oft unseriös.

Im Fall der Regelbasierten Konstruktion mit Hilfe von Konfiguratoren trifft das aber nicht zu. Mit dieser Technologie kann man schnell viel Geld verdienen bzw. sparen.

Wenn es möglich ist, mit Konfiguratoren zehnmal, zwanzigmal, vierzigmal schneller   zu sein als mit einer konventionellen Konstruktion, dann sollte das allen zu denken geben. Diese Faktoren sind nicht aus der Luft gegriffen, sondern können anhand einzelner Projekte nachgewiesen werden - die meisten davon haben wir im Newsletter bereits veröffentlicht.

Warum arbeiten dann nicht schon viele Maschinen- und Anlagenbauer mit dieser Technologie?

 Karl Obermann

Der RuleDesigner© Konfigurator - a configurator, small but fine

The RuleDesigner is a patented solution that enables in a comfortable manner to configure Products and manage in a simple and clear fashion all processes and information associated with them.


RuleDesigner,     ein Konfigurator, klein    aber fine.


Leistungsspektrum und Funktionalität

RuleDesigner - PDM Supports most CAD Systems in the market

Quality and credibility

The RuleDesigner, Configurator

The RuleDesigner is a patented solution that enables in a comfortable manner to configure Products and manage in a simple and clear fashion all processes and information associated with them.

Thereby, the rule-based approach guarantees a decisive increase productivity by optimizing the processes while maintaining at the same time a high quality of the documentation generated

The rule-based management of design data describes a technology, which allows the standardization of all development processes, the documention of existing knowledge and the reuse of it at any time in the future.

Specifically, it is the automation of designs based on pre-defined rules.

Rule editor

With the help of a rule editor constructional dependencies, restrictions, options and alternatives are fixed. Following which, these rules are stored in a file.

This file serves as the basis for a (pre) defined Configuration process that enables independently and interactively the creation of the assembly tailored to the product

The use of rules for the standardization of the design, allows the derivation of a large number of features and benefits:

*  The automatic creation of the CAD model

*  Automatiic derivation of Drawings in all necessary perspectives

*  Automatic Configuration and Update of user handbook

*  Automatic creation of documents for Sales

*  Automatic creation of the Bill Of Materials (BOM)

*  Automatic generation of desired Documents for the Customer

*  Automatic generation of settlement procedures

*  Standardised Product configuration using the Edit Module

*  PDM/PLM in connection with a Databank

*  It´s use independent of the CAD System in use

An exceptional Configurator

In RuleDesigner it is possible to link external executable programs. Through this,  creation of very complcated CAD models is eased or even made possible at all. 

The RuleDesigner supports most CAD Systems found in the market like, SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge, Catia, ProE, Nx, ThinkDesign, AutoCAD, Cadra, GBG, Me10, etc.

The classification features of PDM part numbers can be automatically entered in the Module or in the component title blocks.

Through a special Addin it is even possible to include PDM functionality directly from the CAD environment.

Database replication allows the optimal handling of user data. With this method RuleDesigner transfers and synchronises the PDM system and the Data in the enterprise.

Benefits through the RuleDesigner Configurator®


* Generation of complete, rules conform and integrated processes and documentation:

* Ensure higher process and document quality

* Certification of all products, processes and documents

For a Demonstration or if further questions please contach us.

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