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KBE Consulting and Application Development .

 Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE),

3D-CAD Design automation, Variant generation


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* In case a Project is started, Design Rules will be noted and documented. An otherwise difficult procedure that will also be useful for the future ,

* Costs will be fair and kept to a minimum - so will  Return On Investment  ( ROI ) be achieved quickly,

* Complicated projects will not be avoided, on the contrary. The Topics to be handled are not limited. The method used is generic and CAD neutral.

* A garantee of ROI within 3 years and a three year cost  free warranty for finished projects.


* “Interlectual Property Rights (IPR)”: A Document of Non-Disclosure can be signed at any time.



3D-Parent models can de derived and automated using previous 2D-Drawings as references.

The number of required input values are small.                                                        For example, the top and bottom diameters of the opening that is in the form of a conic section, tube external diameter, tube pitch etc.

The form of the tube distribution and the topological rules can be read from the 2D drawing.

Further details for the automatic variant generation process can be had from discussions with the experts.

Together with the experts these discussions will be used as an opportunity to note and document Knowledge and experience of experts.

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