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 Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE),

3D-CAD Design automation, Variant generation


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Business Challenges
Due to complexity of products, we design today, knowledge must be managed globally to fully utilize corporate information and to provide a competitive edge. Unless intellectual properties (IPs) associated with product life-cycle management (PLM) & development process is captured for someone else in your company to use them again (regularly) at a later date, learning, productivity, and innovation are stifled.

Design Automation is the process of eliminating repetitive steps in the design cycle.

One of the advantages of design automation is the ability to develop customized functions, specific to established design practices, or even specific to CAD seed models, design models, or engineering templates.
The application of automation in the design development process is virtually unlimited.

Brian Prasad, Knowledge Solution

CAD Department-heads be aware:

In the CADFEM KBE Forums and in many such occations it has been decided that:

* Introduction of KBE-Methods in the CAD department can be initiated first through the CAD-Chefs or Managers at higher levels

* KBE need not be expensive and time consuming

* KBE introduction needs a “mind change”, a different way of thinking, a “paradym change”

* KBE is the “Best Practice” for a Design Department

* Firms that use KBE mthods in their departments are ahead of their competitors even internationally

Even if you say you are automating CAD, we can tell you how much more can be achieved.

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