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KBE Consulting and Application Development .

 Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE),

3D-CAD Design automation, Variant generation


Also tube topologies in the so called “Problem Zones” (seen in colour gray) are  automatically generated.

All joints and connections (over a 1000 in this exqmple) fit perfectly.

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The Example:

A large opening in a Wall full of closely fitted paralallel tubes.

A topology has to be created that will fit a given geometry with the fluid stii allowed to flow around the opening in an optimal and desired way: Some characteristics:

*  The design has flat and bended tube panels,

*  Different connecting  tube pieces in “L-Form” that join the tubes around the corners,

*  Individual tubes that connect distant two points,

*  Problem zones mostly at corners where for the standard joining methods not enough space is available. Connections in these regions are done with specially bended tube pieces.


An AUTOMATIC generation of the CAD model is possible whereby the geometrical dimentions and tube characteristics can vary as required.

When in a required model the number of tubes are different, rule based,  a new topology is created-  

The comparative times required to create the complete object including the tubes in the problem zones are around 150 Hours when done manually and 0.25 Hours when automated.


Shown below are some of the several forms of Probleme Zones:                                                      The standard bend pieces cannot be fitted in these regions for lack of space.

Normally it is to be expected in parametric modelling that with the suitable choice of parameters the desired variant can be created..

But still there are model parts that cannot be so created and must be manually adjusted. These parts are those in the so called “Problem Zones”.

With some thought it is possible all the same these parts to be  “Rule Based” automatically created..                        This makes the process even more profitable since manual work such as these takes much time and energy.

The parts shown on the right are tube groups belonging to two such problem zones. They occupy 3D-Space and follow the rules that:

* each tube must have an expected topology,

* the space in 3D between neighbouring tubes must not exceed a given maximal value.


Here is how it is done

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