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KBE Consulting and Application Development .

 Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE),

3D-CAD Design automation, Variant generation


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Design Automation

The generation of Parent-CAD models, which automatically produce model variants only with a few inputs, is now possible with Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) methods

Automation using Excel-Table driven parametric Models has it´s limits.

The modelling is only a means to an end.

Through CAD Automation can Cost, Time and Errors be reduced to amounts that tend to “zero”

To make our offers really profitable, we do not only mention the advantages but also gatantee a time reduction of 50 to 100 times or more

(Please see in the Menu under “Example”) 


„Best Practice“

This means the workflow  is so organised and automated that it´s results are quicker, less costly and error free than ever before .


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