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KBE Consulting and Application Development .

 Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE),

3D-CAD Design automation, Variant generation


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Our working Methods

To generate Variants from a parent model only a few values are needed. For the object shown on the right for example, the bounding coordinates, pipe diameter  and number.

The generation of the 3D-Model is automatic. Thereafter the 2D-Drawings, BOM etc. follow.

Further work like referencing the model parts to the PLM-System, writing of Reports and Offers (in different languages if necessary), help for Sales persons etc. can be automated with a Configurator as for example with  “RuleDesigner”

After a successful completion of a Project a cost free maintainance for three years is garanteed.


For contact details see “Contact” in main Menu.


Our methods are very similar to those used by large Firms such as the Aircraft or the Auto iindustries.

These methods help in the creation of difficult automations.

So, Small and Middlesized Enterprices will be served with the same methodology as used by their larger counterparts

A KBE Application has the following components: Geometry, Configuration and Engineering Knowledge 

* Geometry                           -    Most software that are used to create KBE Applications have inbuilt CAD functions or are in a position to intergrate to a CAD Packet

*  Configuration                   -  This consists in the choice of valid combinations of components .

* Engineering Knowledge - This makes possible, manufacturing and other considerations to be included in the Product Design .

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